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safer environments for families, Business and Communities

We accomplish this with Providing Digital CCTV Solutions
  • Developing Solutions for Business, Providing the owner with Management tools.
  • Creating crime deterrents and Crime prevention measures, Being Actively involved in crime fighting.
  • Providing High Quality Products with Excellent Service.

The success of our business, lies in years of global exposure to a wide range of CCTV camera prototypes.

With Quality surveillance we are able to gain information and develop and improve security solutions.

Ensuring the safety and security of business sites via the latest CCTV technology and software, is key in any good comprehensive security structure.

Professional Service - Quality Installation - Turn-Key Solutions

We install and Provide Digital CCTV Solutions.

Get Peace of Mind. Contact Intro-Spec Digital CCTV Specialists. We will be able to give you the right solution.

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Testimonials - Trusted Friends and Clients

Intro Spec has been providing Digital CCTV Solutions to various industries in Southern Africa for the past 17 years. Our Clients and Partners range from Large Corporate Entities, to the Home safety solutions to clients within their homes.  Intro Spec provides Digital CCTV Solutions.


Installation Services for Business

Installing a CCTV system with security cameras in key places will be one of your company’s best and most important management tools.

How is this achieved?

  • Showing production growth - Stock losses become smaller - Aid with safety regulation (S.H.E.R.Q.) - Improves managers focus on stock losses

Stock losses do take place from inside a company

Stock losses

Installing security surveillance cameras will reduce losses and give you more control as the owner and manager. Important areas of Concern

  • Cashiers points - Entrance - Exits - Dispatch Areas - Receiving areas - Stockrooms


  • Keeps your staff on their toes - Stops not required in-between breaks - Single out problem areas in production - Single out lazy staff

CCTV Security cameras can add great value to your business. The key is to make use of this tool as often possible
Installing a CCTV system with security cameras in key places will be one of your company’s best management tools.


Your business has certain safety regulations, even if these regulations are fully met and complied with, injuries and accidents may happen.

  • With your Surveillance system, causes of events can be determined and appropriate action taken.

Trusted Friends and Clients

Our Clients and Partners range from Large Corporate Entities, to the Local Grocer. Digital CCTV Solutions in  various Industries.  Southern Africa for the past 17 years.   Intro Spec provides Digital CCTV Solutions. 

The fundamentals of Intro-Spec

Core Values

Respect for the Individual Staff member and Client. Provide value added services.
Living and communicating with integrity to all role-players involved on a daily basis .Credibility, Respect and Trust with active participation in our Client's needs. Providing flexible solutions and services of the highest standard to our Client

Intro-Spec SA fully complies to all relevant SA legislation and regulations, such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, EE Act, Skills Development Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, UIF and Tax Regulations.


To earn credibility, respect and trust through active participation in the client’s needs by providing flexible solutions and services of the highest standard. Intro-Spec CCTV Specialists has the ability to attract and retain high quality staff members and business partners. Our Dedication and our Team members commitment has allowed us to grow from Strength to Strength.We only work with well reputable suppliers, and business partners that shares our passion and vision for safety,  this ensures that Intro-Spec CCTV Specialists can provide and deliver a CCTV Solution without compromising on quality or Price


Distinguish Ourselves From Our Competitors
Passionately being involved in the fight against crime
Providing Solutions to our Clients


Professional Service Quality Installations
We are acknowledged by all stakeholders in safety and security as industry.
Specialists by rendering specialized CCTV solutions and security services.
Providing each and every client with the tools to control their business, and limit risks and ultimately prevent crime.

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Team Members

Intro-Spec was founded in 1999 In the heart of the Free-State, and have since grown to a national company. Intro-Spec consists of 2 Head Offices.



Juan Griesel

Over 17 years experience as a business professional in the CCTV Industry

Christa Marais

Over 17 years experience as a business professional in sales & marketing.